Mermaid Elle


It is said that Mermaid drink like a fish, play on the waves, and be calm in the storm, have no fear of depth, sea treasures in simple thing and avoid shallow living. Today we talk about Mermaid Elle, she is an International certified full time professional mermaid and underwater performer since 2016 and she is offering mermaid entertainment services and underwater performances for corporate events, pool parties, birthday parties, photoshoots, video production and much more. She is known for her real mermaid swimming and fins fun tricks.

Mermaid Elle resides in Miami. She is NASE Scuba Diving Certified and American Red Cross Lifeguard Certified. Her love for all things magical has taken her to the mermaid life. She loves gymnastics and dance. She has worked as a mermaid for 3 years! Currently as a full-time mermaid.

You may recognize Mermaid Elle from her appearance in the music video for “Drowning” by A Boogie wit Da Hoodie, Atlantic Records. She has 50000 followers on Instagram. She has 798 subscribers and more than 10,000 viewers on YouTube channel. Her followers are increasing day by day because of this fun-loving and dream job.

She is available for public speaking, performance and educational activities to help and promote ocean conversation awareness. she donates a percentage of the profit to an ocean conversation organization to promote awareness in people about the ocean environment. The ocean is beautiful, magical, natural, incredible and we need to take care of it because our life depends on it.

Each and every time when you like to make a party and update your profile portfolio with amazing some new underwater shot and want to make your child birthday party, corporate the event, and pool parties magical, just hang out mermaid Elle, she is one who create your child party magical with their fin fun tricks. She is very talented in engaging the audience with her magical tricks. She is an amazing performer, artist, and entertainer in any type of event and party.

Mermaid Ell2222

Mermaid Elle creates full-time fun and enjoyment in kids’ birthday parties. She joins the party in the character that creates excitement among the children. She stayed in character in whole party. She also tells the kid about their story under the sea and sings a beautiful song. She communicates with the kids by questioning and answering with them. She entertains the kids with her magic trick and the child feels happy. She makes parties magical…!

Mermaid Elle demonstrated that She feels happy when she is surrounded by water. She said that I am a mermaid, the ocean makes me feel small and the ocean makes me put my entire life into perspective. I feel born again and again whenever I am getting out of the ocean.

Mermaid Elle’s job is not an ordinary job. She earned her Crown Children Book coming out in 2019. She is an ocean conservation advocate promoting the protection and healing of our oceans and environment. She amazed and entertain the audience especially to the kids with funny tricks and with her beautiful appearance. Mermaid Elle is very sure to inspire and the spark the imagination of every child. When she performs to any party that make wonderful memories for long time. She is supremely amazing, and his creativity brings excitement and enthusiasm in the party.

Mermaid Elle said that Like a mermaid, I want to limit my plastic use and help ocean life. I will do this by not using plastic unless I must. I hope to learn as I go and help animals. I want to one day travel the world and explore water. I also want to just continue being creative.

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