Chris Bivins


The music industry is full of competition, which demands highly trending stuff. One needs to produce updated stuff according to audience demand to keep existed in the glamorous music industry. It requires a tremendous amount of hard work before getting success. In order to have shouting crowd around you, a continuous dedication needed toward the practicing hours to make success it at a higher perk. In addition, continuous struggling and striving needed to make your stuff promoted in order to capture the heart of the audience.

In this article, we are talking about an American, Artist, Actor and Director Chris Bivins born in Washington, DC. With the beauty of music production, direction, and composition, Chris Bivins has become an iconic figure all around the globe. Like every other artist, things were not easy for Chris Bivins. Before becoming a public figure in the music industry, Chris Bivins struggled and strives through many hurdles towards success. He started out his career with a lot of survival to get succeed. He took his career with playing minute film roles, commercials, and print jobs. Behind every survival of Chris Bivins, there was a greater level of determination that lead Chris toward success. His passion for music helped him achieve greater success through an iconic performance at Baroness Howells at the House of Lords in London, England. Where Chris Bivins played his music for one of the members of parliament.

The greater level of determination along with several hours of practice leads to a greater level of success towards career development. In 2012, Chris Bivins had another achievement through a hit CW network show named, The Next, this television show was designed to search for the young melodious vocal artist around the states of America.  Due to his melodious voice, he became one of the four finalist musicians in this talent search show. Later, Chris was also mentored by well-known rapper Nelly because of his vocal capabilities. Chris also had an opportunity to make connections with high profile musicians Gloria Estafan and Joe Jones. He grabbed a tremendous amount of national attention after performing for Chris Brown’s song, “Sewey Streater”, which rocked the audience around the globe. Chris Bivins has great fan following on the social media. He has more than 34K followers on Instagram and more the 1.9K subscribers on YouTube channel.

Chris Bivins became a member of BET family since 2014, when he made a remarkable performance in a tour recap show named BET College Tour Show with Luke James and Mila J. Due to tremendous audience response Chris also performed on 106 and Park stage. Chris Bivins has started his own segment at BET.COM with the combination of Chris’ single “Zone” and Chris’ tour blog. The Coco-Cola Flava Zone striving to promote the young artist through Flava Zone. It helps to keeps hip-hop at the updated level of audience concerns.

Chris Bivins has never failed to amaze his audience. He captured the heart of many by grabbing greater attention through his latest video production and a tribute to Drakes’s “Hotling Bling”. Under a successful music direction, the video took a high perk in Chris success. The music video itself became successful under the successful direction of Chris Bivins. “Hotling Bling” has successfully received over one million views on Word Star Hip Hop. Plus, it also became an article in Source Magazine and took greater attention through the Rick Ross and Triple C’s Facebook page.

Chris Bivins is a source of inspiration for young emerging stars, which have a determination along with hard work to achieve success in the highly competitive music industry. He is superlative talent and a rising start in the music industry.


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