Photographer, Actor, and Poet, David-Simon Dayan



It’s near impossible you haven’t noticed the presence of David-Simon Dayan as he’s become one of the most coveted artists through the worlds of fashion publication, with his most recent self-portrait series spotlighted in highly-circulated queer magazine, Drøme. @Sirdavidsimon is part of the next generation of artists. Having is photo work published in magazines like Paper, Nylon, Vogue, Glassbook, and Out magazine, his work has garnered tons of social media traction and industry recognition, resulting in more recent artist profiles by publications and showing of photographic print work at a top-tier museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, after having gone noticed by one of the world’s leading contemporary artists, Alex Katz, who initially purchased his prints.

On social media platforms like Instagram, we have influencers, but we also have the artists, whose work influences beyond the sphere of the internet. Today we want to introduce you to one of our recently discovered accounts: @Sirdavidsimon, a collection of the work by photographer, actor, and poet, David-Simon Dayan. His work can be seen in countless publications as a photographer, but recently his short film debut for “Ego” as a filmmaker and actor has awarded him Best Experimental Film at NYC Independent Film Festival, screened at the highly recognized Brooklyn Film Festival, and his first batch of poetry is set to release this month.

David-Simon posts high-quality content from his own personal work collection and new releases of projects he’s involved in every day. David-Simon really interacts with followers by sharing his process as a multi-faced artist. So far, David-Simon managed to grow his following of the account to over 14,101, an impressive amount in such a short timespan that only continues to expand.

Today, the scope of pure “influencers” in the industry is reducing, and people are looking to young artists with voices, ones who stand for causes to represent their brands. We’re likely to see more diversity among influencer targets shift away from “content-creators” and towards artists who work outside of social media with quality, engaged followings. That’s something David-Simon is doing really well; engaging with the followers on the account, prompting the notice of many acclaimed artists and brands.