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    David Carta (@mr.minus110)

    The trend of becoming one successful model is increasing day by day. These days we have seen a huge rise in media channels as well as social media platforms. Apart from those people who professionally belong to the acting and modelling profession, most of the people belonging to other professions are also seen to be […]

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    Lucas Martinez (@lucasmrt1)

    Lucas Martinez is a young French man with many talents and hobbies. He is known and envied by others for his travels all over the world, visiting a new place every few weeks. He loves socializing and meeting new people while on these trips. Lucas works for fashion magazines, art, and luxury. He has expensive […]

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    Brother & Sisters (@brotherandsistersbs)

    From being an indicator of wealth, social class, and rank, to a clasp for clothes and garments in the shape of brooches and pins, to now being a staple in peoples everyday appearance, jewelry has served different purposes and continues to grow as an important part of our everyday lives. One would be hardpressed to […]

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    Atef Emad Atef Yaseen (@iambwickle)

    Atef Emad Atef Yaseen is a professional with a sense of humor. He has a blossoming career and has been in the business management world since his time at university. He now works in a reputable Real Estate agency and has been able to establish himself in that line of work. When he is not […]

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    Jennifer Gilson (@jengilsonaz)

    Jennifer Gilson is a hardworking vet who has a keen interest in horses, traveling and spending time with her family. She is someone who tries her best to always look at the positives in life and encourages others to do the same. Jennifer has a big heart and loves to do what she can to […]

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